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Freelance Audiobook production, voiced by David Sweeney-Bear

produced by DSBaudio

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David Sweeney-Bear Audiobook Producer & Narrator:  “Audiobooks are a great way to hear stories, absorb information and relax in today’s busy world. Because whether it’s on a daily commute, while doing chores, working out or just sitting down, a well-produced audiobook can transport and even transform your mind!

Psychology Today claims that audiobooks can even boost mental health by reducing stress, managing anxiety and lifting mood.”

On The Rise

Audiobooks have been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade. And so many are available free to download or listen to online through sites like Youtube and Librivox.

Some of the best audiobooks produced in recent years are available to buy or rent from Amazon’s Audible company. Such as: Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones and The Great Gatsby.

David Sweeney-Bear is a British Voice Actor & Audio Producer, founder of DSB Audio audiobook production house. DSB Audio productions are available from Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and many others as well as podcast channels such as Youtube, Spotify and Apple. Because most of these can be downloaded or listened to instantly via the web, listening online has never been so easy.

Listen to any audiobook on this site for free:

To find out how to do this, visit this post – Audible Promo Code Giveaway. And the best part is: you don’t have to be an Audible member. So all you need is an Amazon login and you can start listening or download with Audible’s free app right away!

Many other online streaming services are now making audiobooks available. Such as: Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and of course Youtube. As well as DSBaudio’s productions on these sites, you can also find a growing number of free classics from the public domain. These are voiced with David Sweeney-Bear’s unique passion for good literature. Check out DSB’s Youtube Channel and Soundcloud page for more…

David says:

“I’m really excited to be sharing my adventures in audio with audiobook fans, independent authors and publishers alike. I’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to use the contact form, add comments on any of my posts and subscribe to my mailing list to keep informed of updates.”

Happy Listening! DSB

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