Ashik Kerib – Mikhail Lermontov

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The lore and everyday life of the Caucasus Region had a great impact on Mikhail Lermontov’s work. In addition to serious, profound pieces with very clear Caucasus influence, like “The Hero of Our Time” and “Demon”, he offers up this very traditional and slightly mischievous tale of a wandering minstrel in search of happiness.

Ashik Kerib, a poor minstrel, hoping to win the hand of a Turkish merchant’s daughter, wanders the countryside in search of his fortune. Having been tricked by Kurshud Beck, his love-rival for the beautiful Magul Megerie, he embarks on an adventure through the Caucasus mountains where he meets a powerful king and also encounters Khadelieriaz (St. George).

Also a 1988 soviet art film by Sergei Parajanov and Dodo Abashindze


About the author, Mikhail Lermontov: ;

Born: Moscow, Russian Empire, October 15, 1814
Died: July 27, 1841
Genre: FictionPoetry


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