Bring your book to life with DSB Audio

Who or what is DSB Audio?

DSB Audio is my audiobook production company, based in Ireland.

I’m David Sweeney-Bear, narrator and producer. I specialize in creating the very best quality audiobooks, both fiction and non-fiction titles.

What makes a great audiobook?

  • Real enthusiasm – I love my work and I love good literature of all kinds. It is my pleasure to bring the written word to life with my voice.
  • Perfect Articulation, where it counts – Nobody wants to listen to a narrator that sounds like a robot. Whilst I can intuitively vary my reading style, pace and accent, I never allow clarity of meaning to be lost.
  • Suspension of disbelief – The best narration allows the listener to become absorbed into the book. In order to achieve this, I can read in a variety of vocal timbres representing age or gender and a variety of accents from around the world, without sounding unnatural, forced or farcical.
  • Intuitive pacing – I pride myself on my timing! As a musician as well as a narrator I have an excellent sense of rhythm and cadence in order to create an immersive experience for the listener.
  • Consistent, memorable character voices – I love to get inside a character and give each voice a unique signature so the listener always knows who’s speaking.
  • Attention to detail – I have a rigorous error-checking procedure for all productions from start to finish. The finished audio will exactly match the manuscript, except in the case of proofing errors, which I am also able to rectify by arrangement.

Please check out my reading examples in the media player or take a listen to a “showreel” from my latest audiobook release for an introduction to my voice.

If you’re looking for something specific, such as an accent or style, use the search box at the top of this page to search my ever-growing collection of samples.



Reviews and testimonials:

“The deep voice of David Sweeney-Bear is perfect for narrating these haunting stories. My only complaint is that the book came to an end way too soon.” (Embrace The Darkness) –

“The challenge of “Ashik-Kerib” is that it is a very old tale, adapted and retold by a writer with a fairly modern manner of expression. As the narrator, David had to find just the right balance between the story’s sense of age and ethnic flavor and still making it fresh for today’s listeners. I believe he accomplished this and much more. In his interpretation, the story truly took on a third dimension, becoming a bright, savory listening experience.” – Maria K


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