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Here are 3 FREE audiobook podcasts you can listen to online right now:


These are all DSB Audio productions, narrated by David Sweeney-Bear, featuring diverse character voices, sound effects and musical accompaniments in the distinctive DSB style!

Free Podcast 1:

John Paul Cunningham · The Divine Sage (novel) JP Cunningham

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“The Divine Sage” by J P Cunningham

1844. In the final days of his life, Captain Basil Hall begins rewriting the journal of his acclaimed voyage to the coasts of the New World. But as Basil sails the HMS Conway into the forgotten corners of his mind, his past resurfaces in the form of a passenger with a dark secret, and the tragic death of one of his men. Searching for answers, Basil embarks on a mysterious quest that will take him into the heart of Aztec mythology as he rediscovers who he is, and what it truly means to be free.


You can listen to “The Divine Sage” Audiobook Podcast FREE online, new episodes are being added weekly so be sure to tune in, give it a LIKE and leave a COMMENT and FOLLOW for updates. 

Free Podcast 2:

“The Combat Codes” by Alexander Darwin

We fight, so the rest shall not have to.

This is the first verse of the Combat Codes, the mantra of Grievar-kin. They are the reason the world is at peace, the reason the Endless Wars have finally ceased.

Disputes between nations are now resolved solely within the steel circumference of the Circle, where Grievars square off in hand-to-hand combat, to the death. The surviving nation takes the dispute bounty: lands, resources, slaves, and pride.

But given the stakes, things are never so simple. Nations have developed Grievar Scout programs to produce the best fighters. Some round up prospective kids and pit them against each other in slave Circles to discover the strongest. And certain nations provide illicit “enhancements” to their Grievars to give them an edge – an act explicitly forbidden by the Combat Codes.

Murray is a washed up Grievar Scout who is sick of buying broken kids from the slave Circles. He’s sick of training them to become skilled combatants, only to watch them break again. He’s sick of reporting his failures as a Scout to men who don’t have the guts to stand in the Circles themselves.

Cego is a boy who doesn’t understand why he’s fighting. He doesn’t understand the grueling training sessions he’s forced to endure every day. He doesn’t understand why they scream for blood when he steps into the Circle. The one thing Cego does understand is hand-to-hand combat. He was born to fight.

Cego is sent down an unlikely path at Murray’s side, paved with fierce competition at the world’s most prestigious combat school along with the answers to his own mysterious past.


The Combat Codes audiobook was released in October 2019 and already has a cult following both with Sci-Fi fans and Martial Arts enthusiasts. The full audiobook is available free, so please support the author by giving it a LIKE, a COMMENT and FOLLOW for future updates.

Free Podcast 3:

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“Grievar’s Blood” (Combat Codes Book 2)

by Alexander Darwin

In a world where single combat determines the fate of nations, the Grievar fight in the Circles so that the rest can remain at peace. But given the stakes, things are never so simple. The Daimyo govern from the shadows and plot to gain an edge by unnaturally enhancing their Grievar Knights.

Cego and his team enter year two at the world’s most prestigious combat school, the Lyceum. Though he’d like to focus on his martial studies, Cego feels the pull of his mysterious past and two missing brothers.

Solara Halberd, daughter of the fighting legend, embarks on her own quest to bury the past. She must utilize every lesson her father taught her to explore unknown lands where evil lurks in the shadows.

This second installment in the Combat Codes Saga was published in audiobook podcast format just recently and you can now listen to the whole story online for free, with the official audiobook release expected any day now.

HAPPY LISTENING 🙂 – Please leave a comment if you enjoyed any of these productions, DSB

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