Out now: “Eltonsbrody” by Edgar Mittelholzer

Free Audio Book Sample: “Eltonsbrody”:

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I’m very pleased to announce the release of this marvelous chilling tale. It’s a gripping 6-hour audiobook of a classic horror novel written in the 1950s, set in the unlikely location of Barbados! It’s a testament to Edgar Mittelholzer’s literary prowess that he paints such a gothic scene over what we normally think of as a sun-drenched carefree holiday destination.


“When Woodsley, a young English painter, arrives in Barbados and finds no lodging available, he thinks himself fortunate to be invited to stay at Eltonsbrody, a mansion belonging to the eccentric widow Mrs Scaife. But behind the locked doors of the house’s disused rooms lurk terrible secrets, and soon strange and blood-curdling events begin to unfold. The tension builds towards a shocking and unforgettable conclusion, when the full horror of Eltonsbrody will be revealed.”

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