Full Audiobook: “The Combat Codes” by Alexander Darwin

The Combat Codes Audiobook is available here:

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I’m very excited to announce the release of this full-length audiobook by Alexander Darwin .

The novel features Martial Arts combat in a Sci-Fi setting, in an incredibly inventive and engaging way. I enjoyed bringing the story and wealth of characters to life immensely and enjoyed working with Alexander to make this a fantastic production.

Please visit The Combat Codes Website

The Combat Codes fuses thrilling mixed martial arts action into an immersive sci-fi world. A must-read for any fan of unarmed combat.

Murray Pearson is sick of buying broken kids from the slave Circles. He’s sick of training them to become skilled combatants, only to watch them break again. He’s sick of reporting his failures as a talent scout to men who don’t have the guts to stand in the Circles themselves.

Cego doesn’t understand why he’s fighting. He doesn’t understand the grueling training sessions he’s forced to endure every day. He doesn’t understand why they scream for blood when he steps into the Circle. The one thing Cego does understand is hand-to-hand combat. He was born to fight.

Cego is sent down an unlikely path at Murray’s side, paved with fierce competition at the world’s most prestigious combat school along with the answers to his own mysterious past.

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Check out some Amazon reviews for the print and eBook version

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