Out now: “Darknight Rebellion” by Riley Nielson

I’m pleased to announce the release of this full-length audibook written by talented new author Riley Nielson. It’s a captivating Sci-fi / Fantasy story full of Steampunk adventure, twists and turns and a host of vibrant characters. Suitable for readers of all ages.

Now available as an Audiobook, narrated by David Sweeney-Bear and produced by DSBaudio.

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In a floating realm of airships and steam, a hero will rise… literally.

Resolved to solve the mystery of his uncle’s death, eighteen-year-old Nikolas Scribus commandeers his grandfather’s airship and sails through the skies to bring his uncle’s murderer to justice. However, his journey isn’t easy, as he has to find favor with forgotten friends, pontificate with pilfering pirates, put up with prideful protectors, and avoid falling in love with a furtive female. (Not to mention get involved in a coup that plans to take over the city before the end of the week. It’s a lot to do by anyone’s pocket watch!)

All the while, a mysterious monster named Blackout, known to destroy entire cities in a single night, is threatening to break free of the protectors’ control and wreak havoc on the realm.

Will Scribus survive long enough to find his uncle’s murderer? What will he do when he confronts the person responsible for his uncle’s death? The sky’s the limit in DARKNIGHT REBELLION.

For more visit victorianskies.com

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Listen to a sample:

Release date: 02/10/19
Length: 11hrs 53mins
Genre: Steampunk / Sci-Fi / Fantasy

This captivating novel is available FREE for a limited time with an Audible Promo Code.

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    1. Hi Lance, thanks very much for expressing an interest in Darknight Rebellion. Your promo code has been sent via email. I hope you enjoy it, and please don’t forget to rate it in your library and leave a short review. Many thanks and Happy Listening, David 🙂

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