Out Now: “The Other Place” by J B Priestly

It is a great pleasure to announce the release of this audiobook collection of short stories by the great J B Priestly, best known for his 1945 play “An Inspector Calls”.

In this 1953 collection, The Other Place and Other Stories Of The Same Sort , published by Valancourt Books, a variety of strange tales emerge covering themes such as alternate realities, time-slip, premonitions and even ghostly apparitions on TV!

At last, an audiobook edition of J B Priestly’s Classic, Eeerie, Mysterious Short Story Collection…

Narrated by David Sweeney-Bear and produced by DSBaudio:

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Praise for J B Priestly Audiobook Short Stories

“These stories say something meaningful, as well as relate an anecdote. They are not only examples of narrative skill, but exhibitions of social truth.” – Saturday Review

“Priestley is one of the finest and most popular storytellers of the last hundred years. We are now aware many of his stories have a prophetic quality.” – Dame Margaret Drabble

“[H]ighly readable and provocative.” – Sunday Herald (Sydney)

About The Author

J. B. Priestley (1894-1984) was a versatile and prolific novelist and playwright, but in The Other Place (1953), he shows an unexpected talent, proving himself a master of the weird tale. In “The Grey Ones,” Mr. Patson visits a psychiatrist after he becomes convinced that a race of demons masquerading as men are plotting the overthrow of the human race . . . but what if he’s not insane? In “Guest of Honour,” a banquet speech becomes a horrifying affair when the keynote speaker realizes his audience is made up of monstrous and menacing creatures. “The Leadington Incident” recounts the disturbing experience of a Cabinet minister who suddenly perceives that though the people around him move and talk as though alive, they are all actually just animated corpses or sleepwalking zombies. The nine tales in this collection are strange, fantastic, and often unsettling, and they represent Priestley at his best.

Release date: 10th December 2019

Length: 6 hours 52 minutes

Genre: Macabre

Listen to a sample:

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  1. I primarily (wrongly, it turns out) think of J B Priestley as a dramatist because of ‘An Inspector Calls’. However, his ear for speech and his flair for dramatic dialogue are still evident in this collection of macabre short stories. ‘The Grey Ones’, for example, is a conversation between a psychiatrist and his patient – a man convinced society is being subsumed by a soul-crushing, fun-sucking bureaucratic elite – while the title story is essentially a monologue.

    As such, the audiobook requires a voice actor able to bring Priestley’s characterful speech to life. I’m pleased to say that ‘The Other Place, and other stories of the same sort’ is one of the most delightful audiobook experiences I’ve had. Sometimes I find audiobook narration sleep-inducingly robotic, sometimes overdone. Here, David Sweeney-Bear achieves the perfect balance: distinctive character voices without sacrificing clear diction and well-paced delivery, and a perfectly realised sense of drama. The first five stories were as compelling as any television drama I’ve seen recently.

    Highly recommended if you, like me, have acquired the taste for ‘strange stories’ in the vein of Robert Aickman, L P Hartley, H G Wells et al.

  2. This has been on my to-read list for a while, but the audiobook sounds excellent! I’d be interested in the promo code if there are any available for the UK.

    1. Hi Nitant, thanks for your interest, nearly all codes are gone for this title, but I think I have a few left, so will send you an email, Many thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Chris, not at all! Code is on it’s way via email. Enjoy the audiobook and please remember to rate it in your library and leave a short review, many thanks, DSB

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for your interest. I have sent you code via email. Enjoy The Other Place and when you’ve heard it, please do rate it in your library and leave a short review. Many thanks and Happy Listening! 🙂 PS – any problems with the code, let me know and I’ll send you another.

    1. Hi BB, thanks for asking – no problem, plenty of codes left. I’ve sent you an email with them. Please rate and leave a short review once you’ve heard them, many thanks. Happy Listening! DSB 🙂

    1. Hi Troy, thanks for requesting a code, email sent with code for you. When you’ve heard and hopefully enjoyed the audiobook, please leave a rating and a review in your audible library, many thanks and Happy Listening, DSB 🙂

    1. Hi Christian, not at all, your code is on its way via email! Hope you enjoy the stories, and do rate in your library and leave a short review when you’ve finished. Many thanks and Happy Listening 🙂

      1. Hi Ben, thanks for your interest, I’ve sent you a code via email. Hope you enjoy the audiobook – when you’ve heard it please remember to rate it and leave a short review, thanks. Happy Listening, DSB 🙂

    1. Hi Kiran, thanks for your interest, you codes are on their way via email. Enjoy the audiobook, and please rate and leave a short review when you’ve heard it, many thanks and Happy Listening! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for requesting a code! I’ve sent you an email with both US and UK codes as I wasn’t sure which you wanted. Hope you enjoy The Other Place, and please rate it in your library and leave a short review when you’ve heard it. Many thanks and Happy Listening! 🙂

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