TFTV 05 ¦ “The Leadington Incident” by J B Priestley ¦ DSB Audio Full Audiobook Story

Zombies and Sleepwalkers Everywhere… In:

—Tales From The Vault – Episode 5—

Summary / Synopsis

“The Leadington Incident” recounts the disturbing experience of a Cabinet minister who suddenly perceives that though the people around him move and talk as though alive, they are all actually just animated corpses or sleepwalking zombies.

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I hope you enjoy this reading of a J B Priestley weird classic, do leave a comment and let me know… Happy Listening 🙂

Full DSB Audio production of J B Priestley’s “The Other Place, and Other Stories of the Same Sort” collection available at:  (UK) (US & Global)

Produced and narrated by David Sweeney-Bear (c) 2021

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Skeleton Image by Paul Brennan

Music: Bach: Cello Suite No. 5 in C minor by Colin Carr

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