TFTV 11 ¦ “The Cave Of The Echoes” by H P Blavatsky ¦ DSB Full Audiobook Horror Short Story

Phantom Echoes In This Nightmare Tale…

—Tales From The Vault Episode 11—

Summary / Synopsis

Mr. Izvertzoff, a wealthy Russian landowner, mysteriously disappears while visiting a cavern on his land – the so-called “Cave Of The Echoes”. He is presumed to have been murdered and the finger of blame is pointed firmly at his man-servant, Ivan.

Many years after the tragedy, an enigmatic Hungarian traveler and a mysterious Tibetan shaman conduct an eerie ceremony within the cave to determine the true identity of the murderer. Mesmerized by the atmosphere of the place and the ghostly echoes which reverberate through the cave, the onlookers are shocked to learn the truth of what happened to Mr Izvertzoff.

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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a Russian philosopher and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. While best known for her occult knowledge and the book “The Secret Doctrine”, she also wrote a collection of fictional short stories, collected in a volume called “Nightmare Tales”, first published in 1907.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and producing this story, and look forward to reading a few more of HPB’s Nightmare Tales very soon. Please let me know what you thought in the comments 🙂

Produced and narrated by David Sweeney-Bear (c)2021

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Audio sample for convolution reverb effects is from Inchindown Oil Tanks, Scotland (the longest known reverberation in the world), provided by Matt Gray

Music: J S Bach: Ciaconna from fifth Partita for Solo Violin, performed by Ben Goldstein


1 verst – a Russian measure of length, about 1.1 km (0.66 mile).

2 zither  – a musical instrument consisting of a flat wooden soundbox with numerous strings stretched across it, placed horizontally and played with the fingers and a plectrum. It is used especially in central European folk music.

3 Teutonic – relating to the Teutons – a people who lived in Jutland in the 4th century bc and fought the Romans in France in the 2nd century bc.

4 weazened [“WEE-zuhnd”], alternative form of: wizened [“WIZ-uhnd”] – withered; shriveled

5 Tehuktchene – unknown, possibly HPB’s own term for a Tibetan shaman.

6 réveille [French: “reh-VEYe”] – to wake up, or English: [“rih-VALLY”] – a signal sounded especially on a bugle or drum to wake personnel in the armed forces.

7 sepulchral [“suh-PUHL-kruhl”] – relating to a tomb or interment. gloomy; dismal.

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