TFTV 12 ¦ “The Late Mr. Elvesham” by H G Wells ¦ DSB Full Audiobook Horror Short Story

A Young Man Trapped In An Old Man’s Body, in…

—Tales From The Vault, Episode 12—

Summary / Synopsis

An impoverished young medical student, Edward Eden, is visited by the wealthy and elderly Mr. Elvesham with an offer to make Eden his heir – but the offer comes with certain conditions that the younger man couldn’t have imagined!

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This tale featured in the 2016 Sky Arts TV series “The Nightmare Worlds of H G Wells”, albeit in somewhat adapted form, starring the great Michael Gambon. In a bizarre case of quirky casting, Ray Winston played the part of H G Wells himself, introducing each story in the series. I never imagined H G Wells as “a bit of a bruiser”!

I really enjoyed reading from one of the myriad H G Wells stories, possibly one of his lesser-known works. Please let me know what you thought in the comments 🙂

Produced and narrated by David Sweeney-Bear (c)2021

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MUSIC: Chopin Piano/Violin/Cello Trio in G Minor


1 James Shoolbred & Co or also knows as Jas Shoolbred was established in the 1820’s as a draper’s shop, at Tottenham Court Road, London.

2 accession [” ak-SESH-uhn”] – the attainment or acquisition of a position of rank or power.

3 kummel [“KIM-uhl”] – a colorless cordial or liqueur flavored with cumin, caraway seeds, etc., made especially in the Baltic area.

4 Himmel (German) – heaven.

5 sycophancy [“SIK-uh-fuhn-see”] – self-seeking or servile flattery.

6 Seidlitz powders – effervescing salts consisting of one powder of sodium bicarbonate and Rochelle salt and another of tartaric acid that are mixed in water and drunk as a mild cathartic.

7 futurus (Latin) – literally: “the future”

8 polytechnic  – an institution of higher education offering courses at degree level or below, especially in vocational subjects.

9 dissolving views were a popular type of 19th century magic lantern show exhibiting the gradual transition from one projected image to another. The effect is similar to a dissolve in modern film-making. Typical examples had landscapes that dissolved from day to night or from summer to winter.

10 rouleau [“roo-LOH”] – A small roll (especially of coins) wrapped in paper.

11 cutaneous [“kyoo-TEY-nee-uhs”] – of, relating to, or affecting the skin.

12 truckle bed – a low bed on wheels that can be stored under a larger bed.

13 flocculent [“FLOK-yuh-luhnt”] – having or resembling tufts of wool.]

14 hiatus [“hahy-EY-tuhs”] – a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

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  1. An absolutely spellbinding story to listen to and read so brilliantly that it was impossible to stop once I started listening, it completely gripped me all the way through! Fantastic!

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