Professional Samples & Information

Audio Samples from my productions, all produced at my own studio

Raw Samples (No compression, EQ or Noise Reduction)



Studio Room Tone

Titles produced for

Studio Equipment

Intel Core i5 PC running Adobe Auditon CC and Ozone plugins

Edirol UA-25 dual channel Audio interface

Shuttlepro V2 editing controller

Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone

Rode Boom arm microphone stand and professional shockmount with pop-shield filter

Analogue Soundcraft Spirit Mixing console

Audio Technica headphones

JBL Control 5 monitors

Editing process

I use a clicker during recording to flag “re-takes” which i do on-the-fly. The raw audio recording is then “marked” using Adobe Audition’s Mark Audio function which enables me to skip rapidly through the file editing out sections marked by the clicker.

This results in the basic edited file which i then “proof” with reference to the original text, editing gaps, levels, excessive breath or mouth noises, etc as i go. Any remaining “mistakes” or deviations from the original text are flagged up during this process and i use pre-roll and punch recording to overdub the corrections.

Languages, dialect and accent

I do not speak any languages fluently other than English. However, I have a general knowledge and good pronunciation of French, German and Hindi/Urdu. Furthermore, I can research and correctly pronounce terms, names and place-names in any language in the world.

My own dialect or accent is standard British. To most people outside the UK I would sound like a Londoner (although not cockney). I was in fact born in London but grew up in the East of England.

I can read in a variety of accents, especially those of Britain and Ireland but also other accents from around the world.

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