TFTV 04 ¦ “The Hanging of Alfred Wadham” by E F Benson ¦ DSB Audio Full Audiobook Story

The Ghost of a Hanged Man Haunts A Priest... Alfred Wadham is convicted of murder and about to be hanged. He protests his innocence but no one believes him. Then, on the evening before the hanging is to take place, another man goes to the prison priest, Father Denys, and confesses that it was he and not poor Alfred Wadham who committed the murder. Father Denys begs him to own up. He refuses. Listen Now...

Immersive Audio Stories – DSB’s Youtube Channel

DSB Audio is now on Youtube! Featuring regular podcasts of short stories from classic authors, such as my "Tales From The Vault" series, as well as previews and excerpts from some of DSB Audio's Audible audiobook productions. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to get notifications when new content is posted. Please SHARE... Continue Reading →

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