Free Audiobook Podcast: “The Divine Sage” by J P Cunningham

This latest audiobook production from DSB Audio is now available as a free podcast for a limited time. New episodes will be published each week, so be sure to tune in…

John Paul Cunningham · The Divine Sage (novel) JP Cunningham

The Divine Sage is DSB’s finest work yet and it has been a pleasure to work closely with the Author J P Cunningham to bring this fantastic story to life in audio with the addition of sound effects and musical elements.

If you enjoy this production, please let me know in the comments below…


Incarcerated in a lunatic asylum, Captain Basil Hall imagines himself back on board the HMS Conway, on his acclaimed voyage to the coasts of the New World. But as Basil sails unknowingly into his subconscious mind, the truth resurfaces; and a mysterious passenger reveals a dark secret that will change everything.


  THE DIVINE SAGE is based on an actual voyage to Central America in 1820, as fictionally retold by the ship’s captain, Basil Hall, while he was incarcerated in a lunatic asylum at the end of his life. The historical basis for the story is the diary of Hall’s journey aboard the HMS Conway, which he published to considerable acclaim in 1824. This fictional retelling reveals the man behind the journal as he grapples with the tragic death of a lieutenant during the voyage, and embarks on a cathartic inner quest that descends into the realms of Aztec mythology, as he rediscovers who he truly is. 


Part 2 of The Divine Sage is now in production, the full audiobook is expected to be released in August 2020. For more information on the novel, or to buy the full print or eBook, visit The Divine Sage website

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  1. I am really enjoying listening to this audiobook – in fact I wait impatiently for the next chapter to be released – it is riveting, both the story itself and the way it is being delivered by the reader. Absolutely mesmeric, quite spell-bounding. All the background sound effects used in telling the story – the music, the singing, the voices of the different characters, are all hypnotic and so excellently well portrayed that one’s attention is completely captured and held throughout. This is definitely the best production I have heard of an audiobook.

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