The Ebony Frame – By Edith Nesbit

—Tales From The Vault – Episode 2—

Here is my second reading of an Edith Nesbit Tale, “The Ebony Frame” by Edith Nesbit, first published in the magazine Longman’s, October 1891. This story famously also read in audiobook form by Anton Lester (from British TV’s Hustle, The Ghost Squad & Endeavour series).


Mr. Devigne inherits a house in Chelsea and an annuity from his wealthy Aunt Dorcas. There he discovers two portraits, one bearing a striking resemblance to himself, and the other of a woman clad in a black velvet gown with “large, deep, luminous eyes”. Infatuated with the image of the beguiling beauty, he wishes that she “…were a woman and not a picture”. A story of dark romance and tragedy unfolds.

I hope you enjoy this rendition of E Nesbit’s ghostly classic, do leave a comment and let me know… Happy Listening ?

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