Welcome, thanks for joining me…

I’d like to give a heartfelt welcome and thanks to you for subscribing to my website.

As a special thanks for signing up, I’m currently giving away Audible promo codes for ANY or ALL of my produced titles. See this post for details!

I look forward to sharing news about my ongoing audiobook productions, sample readings from some of my favourite literature as well as where you can find other great audiobooks.

Currently I’m working through audible.co.uk and all my productions thus far are available there as well as on iTunes and amazon.co.uk

If you’re new to the world of audiobooks please consider joining audible.co.uk – they have by far the largest and most comprehensive selection of audiobooks online and it’s free for the first month on a trial basis. Click below for more info:


And if you do sign up, your first audiobook is free, which hopefully might be one of my productions

You are free to cancel your membership any time within the first month and hence you get an audiobook for FREE!

Alternatively, if you want to get started right away with a full membership, I’m able to offer 50% off the first three months’ membership. Simply click the image below.


Membership gives you one free audiobook per month which can be any book from their catalogue of any length, and also 30% off any additional audiobooks you might like to purchase.

Of course there are a growing number of alternatives to Audible for audiobooks and I am currently looking into working with independent publishers in the future. In my humble opinion the downside of Audible is the necessity of signing up to enjoy their audiobooks, and although they do offer the option to buy individual audiobooks as a non-member, they don’t make it easy and unfortunately you pay an inflated price on those titles for the privilege. Hopefully in the future we will see a growing number of independent publishers offering affordable no-obligation audiobooks direct to the public. That said, £3.99 a month for the first three months and three free audiobooks of your choosing doesn’t sound too bad a deal, so the choice is yours!

Then again, there are many free audiobooks available online too, mostly works now out of copyright, through sites such as Librivox

I also will be producing free audiobooks as time allows of my favourite classic works of literature and poetry through this site as well as through Librivox.

Once again, thank you so much for joining me and for your kind support, do feel free to share this post or the site with any friends or fellow audiobibliophiles who might be interested. Happy listening!


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