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The Studio

DSB Audio is an Ireland-based audiobook narration and production company, founded in 2018 by David Sweeney-Bear, serving worldwide clients from self-published indie authors to major publishers alike.

With a growing portfolio of audiobooks, from short stories to plays to full novels, all produced to the very highest industry standards in a purpose-built fully equipped digital recording studio, DSB Audio can undertake the full production from manuscript to finished product.

The Voice

David Sweeney-Bear’s life-long love of literature began at an early age, having grown up in an environment drenched in the works of some of the world’s greatest writers and poets. Shakespeare, Tennyson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge as well as Orwell, Dickens and Oscar Wilde were familiar names to him even at tender age of 7.

In his teens, David attended stage school and discovered a love of acting and drama, before settling into his long-term passion – music.

There  followed some 25 years of songwriting, singing and live performance of his own original music as well as tenures in various bands. From day one, a large part of this musical journey involved audio production, from the very early days of home demo’s with two tape recorders, through studying audio recording at college to finally producing his own albums with a mix of digital and analogue technology.

From 2018 onwards, David has been concentrating on audiobook production, fine-tuning his narration and  production skills,  recording free audiobooks of some of his favourite classic books and poetry as well as a diverse range of commercial audiobooks.

Reviews & Testimonials

“The deep voice of David Sweeney-Bear is perfect for narrating these haunting stories. My only complaint is that the book came to an end way too soon.” (Embrace The Darkness) – lisaswritopia.com


“The challenge of “Ashik-Kerib” is that it is a very old tale, adapted and retold by a writer with a fairly modern manner of expression. As the narrator, David had to find just the right balance between the story’s sense of age and ethnic flavor and still making it fresh for today’s listeners. I believe he accomplished this and much more. In his interpretation, the story truly took on a third dimension, becoming a bright, savory listening experience.” – Maria K


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